Friday, January 15, 2010

Define the Theme - Environment (Individual work)

You are to post the definition of the theme - Environment on your personal blog which you have created earlier. Please take note of the following:

1. The definition of the theme - Environment must be taken from the different sources.
2. You need to acknowledge the source - indicate the hyperlink.
3. The definition should not be only cut and paste. You are expected to highlight keywords in the definition and explained further by giving examples to show your understanding.
4. Towards the end, you are expected to summarize the definition and conclude with their own definition.

Submitting your work...
  1. Post on the blog that you have created earlier. Blog name: ADMT-Environment.
  2. You may post using a jpg. file exported from keynote. Give the title in your post: Definition of theme - Environment.
  3. Copy and paste the hyperlink of this particular post to the Comments section in this post.
Deadline: 20th Jan 2010

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