Friday, March 5, 2010

Classwork (Research on materials and sustainability)

In your environment group, research on materials and sustainability.

Use the following questions as your guide

1. What are the different types of materials in the market? Classify the materials into wood, metal, plastics and others.

2. What are the properties of the different materials?

3. How do the different materials come about? What are their compositions?

4. Give examples of the use of each material.

5. What is sustainability?

7. What does it mean when we say that a product is sustainable? Give an example of a sustainable product and explain why the product is sustainably.

8. What does it mean by a sustainable environment? Give an example of a sustainable environment.

Note: Make sure that you cite the source of the information.

At the end of the lesson, post your group findings on the group's admt blog.

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