Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Nur Nadiah binte Ismail

Will human beings' selfish acts bring about the Earth's doom?

The answer is very clear to everyone. Human beings' selfish acts will definitely bring about the Earth's doom.

What we can we do to save the Earth?

There are many things we can do to save the Earth. 


There are many things we can conserve in life, but it is really just a matter of whether we want to conserve or not. There are like an endless list of things that we can conserve. Below are just a few things we can conserve in our daily lives:

-Use the water used from rinsing rice to water the plants.

-DO not wash things in the sink under a running tap.

-Reuse the plastic bags retrieved from shopping groceries for the next time when you are shopping for groceries.


Pollution is another huge factor which affects the earth. Pollution can be caused by various kinds of things. For example, pollution caused by cars. We should make use of the advanced innovation of CNG cars which uses natural gas instead of fuels derived from fossil fuels.

Innovation for the Earth

As mentioned above, the innovation of CNG cars would be able to reduce the air pollution, and at the same time, it helps mother Earth to keep running and live healthily. A simple innovation can either bring total doom to Earth, but it can also save mother Earth from dying out so easily. For example, even a simple thing like using solar panels  to generate electricity will be able to cause a huge impact on mother Earth. It helps to save our crude oil from running out.

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