Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment-- Ques 1-- Wei Chern S1-03

We live in a world where natural resources like air and water are being threatened by the onslaught of human activities. Pollution and industrialization have caused the depletion of Mother Nature's reserves at an alarming rate.

Will human beings' selfish acts bring about the Earth's doom?

Question 1: 

To me, human beings' selfish acts will bring about the Earth's doom because during our daily lives at home, we use up alot of Earth's natural resourses. (Eg, watching TV, bathing, driving a car, using air-con, etc, etc) The worse is that other than just wasting them at home, we also use lots of them at work. Some companies, once in a while will emits carb0n and other toxic gases which can cause global warming. (Greenhouse Gases)

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