Tuesday, January 12, 2010

saving the earth

I think if we do not act now to save the earth, our actions may lead to the doom of our home -Earth.

I think we can play our part by recycling items like paper and plastic bottles/cans and not by just throwing them along the road/pathway as this not only makes the surroundings look dirty and messy but also pollutes the environment by attracting unwanted pest that can transmit diseases.We can contribute to saving the environment by bringing our own grocery bag .Alternatively we can also reuse plastic bags that we get from the supermarket to line our bins or use it as a grocery bag as plastic bags are non-biodegradeble and will harm the environment.We should also turn off all electrical appliances such as fans, lights and TV when not in use to conserve electricity or use energy-saving bulbs.Other things we can do to help the environment include using both sides of a paper , washing clothes with a full load (when using a washing machine) and use CFC-free products as products containing CFC will damage the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

Gavin Lim

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